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Sanhui Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. in Liangjiang New Area of Chongqing will provide the support for the Japanese enterprises upon its entering and investment. It will make use of the advantage gained from the joint venture with Liangjiang New Area, and provide the registered enterprises with the following supports.

To provide the assistance in obtaining the investment permit.

To put forward the suggestions on the environmental cure, etc.

To adjust the registration conditions (land price, preferential policy and environmental cure)

To offer the introduction on the related government department.

To provide the information about the local living environmental and so on.

Moreover, these enterprises may enjoy preferential policies stipulated in Liangjiang New Area upon its entering. Notably , industries falling into the encouraged categories of Liangjiang New Area will enjoy incentives of 10% off the normal corporate income tax by year 2020. →For the preferential policies, please click