Yulin Industrial Park
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As a commercial land, Yulin Industrial Park has a great charm. Since the Cinema City (Movie Village) nearby started business in the latter half of 2012, more than 1 million people were present there. The park currently sees expansion with museum and hotels under planning. Moreover, Outlets and sports facilities are also planned within 1km circle.The park holds a promising position to form the synergistic effect with the surrounding recreational and commercial facilities.

There are 160,000 residents (about 56,000 families) living around here (10km nearby) (2012). The exclusive residential area is located near the airport, and its traffic is fast and convenient due to Expressway. Furthermore, The New City Center is planned at 5km away from the south of Fusheng High-speed Rail Station around which the new city center is to be developed. Its residents will attain 800 thousand by 2020.