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Yulin Industrial Park, with the total area of 3.2km2, covers the industrial, residential and commercial land, office, research institution as well as other multifunctional land. Focus on the interpersonal communication and obtain the new commercial opportunities herewith.
Apart from the industrial land, this industrial park also has the residential and commercial land, office and institute, recreational facilities, logistics warehouse and other multifunctional land.

These functional areas present a linear organization, and the rational design of roads and sidewalks ensures the longitudinal movement of the industrial park where the multifunctional lands serve as the backbone of the park, and the lateral movement of each functional area more convenient and faster. A square is designed for assembly of people (communication space of central atrium); its design philosophy is to promote the interpersonal communication, and technology and knowledge exchanges, so as to create new technologies and industries in the Yulin Industrial Park.

These multifunctional areas are rolled into one, making possible the energy efficient technologies and smart technologies for the application of the factory exhaust heat to the residential land and multifunctional lands. The residential and commercial area takes a full advantage of the river landscape to form a quiet and clean space. In addition, in the south part of the industrial park, a Cinema City theme park formed by filmset is very busy with many tourists every day. At present, it is discussed that, commercial and entertainment facilities should be deployed in the southern part of the industrial park to accommodate the tourist flow.

※ Functional industrial space
The industrial land accounts for 65% of the industrial park, and the land partition and infrastructure configuration should depend on the demand elasticity of enterprises. The park also has an advantage that it is adjacent to expressway, freight railway station, international airport, Changjiang Harbor and other logistics infrastructures. Moreover, it is being discussed that standard factories be built and rent to start-up enterprises with small investment.
Furthermore, the combination of the industrial park and multifunctional park may bring about the synergistic effect of agglomeration of multiple industries.

※ Infrastructure
Elevation: 190-210m
Road in the park:
Artery road : 34m wide (one-way four-lane road, width of 16m)
General road: 27m wide (one-way two-lane road , width of 8m)
Power: Provided by State Grid Chongqing Power Company
500KV, 220 KV and 110 KV substations will be built in the surrounding area.
Water supply: Provided by Chongqing Water Utilities Group
Estimated water supply capability will reach 1 million m3/day by year 2015
Sewage treatment: the rainwater and sewage will be treated by different systems.
Estimated sewage treatment capability will reach 670,000 m3/day by year 2015
Natural gas: Provided by Chongqing Gas Co. Ltd
Communication: telephone, mobile phone and cable TV and other communication facilities will be provided by communication companies like China Telecom and China Mobile, etc.