Yulin Industrial Park
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Yulin Industrial Park is a complex industrial park
designed and developed jointly by China and Japan.
The park is 30km away from the eastern part of central Chongqing
with the total planned area of around 3.2km2

Overview of Yulin Industrial Park
★ Overall planned area: 3.2 km2
★ Salable area (phase I): 1.5 km2
◎ Industrial land (about 65%)
◎ Residential land · commercial land · multifunctional land
★ Accessorial public facilities:
◎ Electric power · natural gas · water supply
◎ Telecommunication Infrastructure (Tel and ICT)
★ Plan · Design
◎ Sanhui Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.
◎ Suntan
◎ NTTfacilities
◎ Chongqing Municipal Planning & Design Research Institute
★ Construction of development engineering:
◎ Chongqing Liangjiang New Area (Public project)

It is the first case in mainland China that Japanese enterprises participates in the construction of the industrial park since the design phase. This industrial park covers the industrial, residential and commercial land, office, research and development, IT park as well as other multifunctional land. The salable area in Phase I reach 1.5 km2

Yulin Industrial Park is 20km away from the east of Jiangbei Airport in Chongqing (about 25 minutes drive) and 30km away from the eastern part of central Chongqing (about 40 minutes drive). The outer-ring expressway and railway passenger station is under construction nearby. Moreover, the Guoyuan Port, with an annual capacity of 2 million TEU, is situated within the radiation circle of Yulin Industrial Park, with a distance of 10KM. Combined with the freight station which is under construction, forms a new logistics center in the southern part of the industrial park in Chongqing. → For the detailed routes, please see