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A list of frequently asked questions and answers  


Q. Does the ownership of the sold land belong to San Hui?

A. San Hui does not hold the ownership. It is only responsible for selling. Therefore, after consulting San Hui, the enterprises still need to negotiate with Liangjiang New Area Administrative Committee and sign contracts on the issue of land ownership.

Q. Is the property rights of the purchased land permanent?

A. In china, the property rights of all the purchased lands are time bounded: 50 years for industrial use, 70 years for residential use, and 40 years for commercial and multifunctional use.

Q. What are the government provisions on investment and output intensity?

A. For details, please refer to Yu Lin Industrial Park Introduction booklet page 23. Click to view

Q. Is there any provision for plot ratio and building density?

A. For details, please refer to Yu Lin Industrial Park Introduction booklet page 23. Click to view

Q. Would you accept the enterprises that have an impact on the environment such as sewage generating?

A. Under the necessary moderate policy, it is in principle acceptable. However, it still needs to take into consideration the characteristics of the enterprises. Refer to documents on integrated wastewater discharge standards. Click to view Chongqing Integrated wastewater discharge standard

Q. Are there any public facilities?

A. Construction of electricity, natural gas, water, telephone lines and other facilities is currently underway. Companies need to sign contracts with providers.

Q. What is the price of the land?

A. The price varies according to the fields and characteristics of the enterprises. For those encouraging industries, government offers special preferential policies to those industries enjoying incentives. Click to get more details about preferential policies

Q. Our company is considering developing our business in Chongqing. Is there any relevant information for reference?

A. Hope that you will find useful information here. You can also contact the relevant person in charge through the contact information on our advisory window. Anyway, we are very glad to serve you and offer as much as possible relevant information you need, as well as solution for expanding market according to the characteristics of your products.