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Interviewees talking about the public security and life in Chongqing


State of public security:
“The public security in Chongqing is quite reliable. I have never been overcharged by a taxi driver, and never been stolen. Instead, I left my watch at the golf court and some kept it and return it to me.”
“Chongqing people do not hate Japan. This is out of my expectation. The public security bureau set up police guard in front of plant and protected the plant against potential loss. ”
All interviewees believe Chongqing enjoys a reliable public security.


※ Chongqing made endless effort in creating a steady and safe society. Picture below shows a mobile policy station running around the clock.


※ Suzuki taxi has been part of local life.


The interviewees have given their opinions on the Japanese cuisine available in Chongqing.

The Japanese cuisine in Chongqing:
“There are some nice Japanese restaurants serving the same foods as those in Japan. But they are fewer than those in coastal areas in China.”
“No Japanese-funded supermarket and stores can be found in Chongqing. Japanese foods are in serious lack, hoping for entry of Japanese-funded supermarket and stores.”


The interviewees made answers when asked about potential improvements that people desire.

Desired improvements:
“No direct flight to Japan. It takes one day to Japan, hoping there will be direct flight from Chongqing to Japan.”
“No foreigners are able to enjoy high-end medical facilities”
“Chongqing enjoys global university and does not have schools for Japanese”


Regarding direct flight, Spring Airlines opened direct flight to Kansai International Airport since July 2014, which has shortened the distance both mentally and physically.