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The cost of talent and HR in Chongqing; the interviewees believe the cost of talent and HR in Chongqing has characteristics as follows:


Characteristics of talent:
"Chongqing people are characterized by honesty, prudence and softness."
"Chongqing people are deeply attached to their hometown, which perfectly caters to corporate culture of a Japanese family-based enterprise."
"Chongqing people can read the mind of people at a higher managerial level and do a good job.”


Characteristics of cost of HR:
"The cost of HR in Chongqing is the lowest, compared to that of HR in areas where the company has set up subsidiaries, such as Shenyang, Tianjin, Soochow, Changsha, Zhuhai and others"
"The cost of HR in Chongqing remains lower than that of coastal areas in China by 20% although it grows yearly by about 10%."


Status of talent resources:
“Colleges and universities cluster in urban area, with sufficient supply of young labor force.”
“The major part of population comes from local people with steady supply of manpower”
“There is shortage of manpower in special professionals, such as paint operator.”
“Although it is easy to hire new employees, loss of manpower usually occurs after spring festival. It is very important to provide regular employees with accommodation, commuting vehicles and a variety of foods.”
“The most advantage of Chongqing lies in sufficient manpower.”
In all, Chongqing enjoys sufficient HR and talents of honesty and prudence.  


The interviewees believe that Chongqing’s material purchase?cost of production?logistics have characteristics as follows:

The characteristics of material purchase:
“Chongqing enjoys army industries which offer easy supply of parts including aluminium die-casting alloy and other mechanical accessories of premium quality."
“Local manufacturers are different in level of production. Some first-class manufacturers try to continuously enhance level of manufacturing by introducing Japan’s advanced production technology and have achieved low-cost products exceeding those of Japan in quality."


Local state of preparation:
“Preparation rate falls between 80% and 90%, with safety-concerned parts imported from Japan, including concrete mixing and water pump. “
“Preparation rate falls at 99%. Products made in Chongqing account for 70% to 80% of those the company need, with cost-competitive screws and bolts imported from Japan.”
“The reason why the company chose to settle in Chongqing lies in the complete chain of supply in Chongqing, with almost half of required part suppliers having settled in Chongqing.”


State of production cost:
“Regarding general engine, Chongqing is more competitive than India in terms of cost. Three major general engine manufacturers are based in Chongqing, with noticeable social overhead capital from mechanical part enterprise. It is to say that Chongqing ranks globally first in supply capacity of general engine components.”


State of logistics:
“Inland transportation in China is mainly delivered by trucks. The export depends on waterway toward Shanghai where customs clearance is made.”(parts for two-wheel motorcycle)
“Transportation depends on both truck and Yangtze river.” (parts for two-wheel motorcycle)
“Majority of transportation of products depends on cargo airliner. Small part of transportation depends on truck, with goods being shipped to coastal areas and exported abroad by sea.”
“Looking forward to completion of Yu-Xin-Ou international railway which connects Chongqing to Europe in a 2-week journey”
Generally speaking, there is a wide range of parts of premium quality, offering efficient supply of parts. Logistics takes forms of waterway, landway and airway and others. Companies have an integrated use of waterway, landway and airway.