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Influenced by the economic development of China mainland, the retail industry of Chongqing starts to develop. Japanese clothing factories and convenience stores have opened a lot of shops in Chongqing.

Table 1:1 per capita consumption expenditure (2012)


Table 2:Chongqing family income and disposable income


The per capita consumption expenditure of Chongqing in 2012 was RMB 16,573 per year, up 10.7% year-on-year. The disposable income of each family was RMB 22,968 per year, which makes the total amount of retail consumption RMB 400 Billion.

The consumption of especially clothing has a growing trend since men and women in Chongqing pay much attention to dressing. They pay key attention to the overseas fashions such as Japanese, Korean and European fashion. There are even a lot of young people dressed in famous brands in Chongqing. Moreover, the pretty girls in Chongqing support the need for cosmetics. The catering industry is also growing since 92% of the adult men within the age of 20 to 49 go out for dinner more than once a week. Up to 2012 there have been 21 KFC restaurants, 16 Mcdonald's restaurants and 12 Pizza huts opened for business. As for department stores, China’s large department stores like New Century department store are opened in the central streets, with Shin Kong Mitsukoshi expected to be opened in 2016. For supermarkets, the foreign-invested supermarkets led by Wal-Mart (10 branches) and Carrefour (6 branches) have settled in Chongqing. There are plenty of drugstores. IKEA has been running for business since 2013.