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■ An annual yield of 2,150,000 vehicles (the actual performance of 2013, Automobile)

Chongqing has become China’s largest motor cycle production base since the 1990’s, whose annual output of automobile reached 2,150,000 in 2013. In China, the largest automobile market of the world, Chongqing ranks 2nd among the cities in the automobile yield. 12 assembly plants have settled in Chongqing, which is expected to push the annual yield of automobile to 4,000,000 in 2015. Among the Japanese automobile manufacturers, Isuzu and Suzuki have set up their plants in Chongqing long ago. The future subject is how to raise the purchase rate of local parts from 70% to a higher level and how to increase the additional value by upgrading automobile models.

■ Automobile Industry (Latest Trend)

As OEM increases production, a large number of parts and materials plants settle in Chongqing. Chongqing gives special awards to manufacturers of auto parts and materials with an additional value, and expects Japanese companies to enter Chongqing. In addition, such products as industrial robots in which the Japanese companies enjoy an advantage, indispensable in the automobile industry, may be gifted with preferential policies.

■ Cases of Auto Parts Expected to Enter Chongqing
To expand the production and upgrade level of models, the need for basic parts and electrical parts which are necessary in the local purchase becomes quite urgent. Additionally, such need is urgent for management of the parts and materials under monopoly in a healthy competition environment. A list of auto parts Chongqing expects to bring in is shown below (according to the interview on the Industry Policy Bureau under Chongqing Municipal People’s Government (Auto Industry Administration of Economy Committee under Chongqing Municipal People’s Government)).
1. Auto stereo
2. Sound insulation material
3. Brake System
4. Engine
5. Steel Plate for Automobile
6. High-performance tire
7. Engine management system (such as fuel injection equipment, sensor and CPU)
8. AT (Automatic Transmission)
9. Steering system
10. Navigation system
11. Safety device (like air bag restraint and safety belt)
12. Engine hood
13. High-performance headlight
14. Auto glass